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Ever since the beginning in 1883 design has been our main focus when it comes to developing new products. This has given us unique products, made to last. Loved by generations all over the world. Today we are three sisters, 5th generation, who passes on the family heritage from our great-great-grandfather, great-grandfather, grandfather and father. In step with our own visions and in combination with modern design tools we will continue to build on our long and proud design tradition. All of our products are made and careful treated by hand in our workshop in Tønsberg, Norway.


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Quality at home

Made to last

What makes a home? We think it's the feeling of belonging. The living room can be characterized as the heart of the home – a place to unwind and focus on the important things in life. Your items should be a reflection of you and your history. Th. Marthinsen has created quality for homes in more than 135 years. All our pieces are made to stay with you and your family for a lifetime.


It´s all about the taste experience

Why silver cutlery?

Besides being a precious metal, silver has no intrusive aftertaste. Which means you get the full experience of the tastes. Silver is also inherently hygienic. Silver is antibacterial, which means that the bacteria do not stick to the silver surface. This unique attributes underscores the value of silver as tableware.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all share a growing affection for culture, design and history. No doubt, it is this realisation that makes even more of us seek for lasting value and high quality.


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Safari Kids

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Embossed Rose

Telemark silver

Responsible Products

Our ideology revolves around Norwegian design and production, emphasizing unique quality and timeless design meant to endure. Each product reflects our values, with sustainability being paramount. Our greatest contribution to sustainability lies in crafting products that eliminate non-essential elements and have a long lifespan. From the outset, we have prioritized quality and the use of highest-grade materials that are recyclable and reusable. Silver, being a pure chemical element, is 100% recyclable. Our commitment drives us to continue creating precious metal products. We recycle cutoffs and transform old objects into new pieces of art. As a consumer, you can entrust your products to us for refurbishment or repair.

Silver is antibacterial, meaning that bacteria do not adhere to the surface of silver. This makes silver a highly suitable material for cutlery and items for young children.

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