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Look no further than our Kids Collektions edit to discover the most sought-after presents your little ones, and their parents, will love. Whether their passions lie in design, craftmanship or simply just love good quality, their wish will be granted.

Wonderland - Fine Jewellery

Wonderland - Make your own story with our fine jewellery for kids. Handmade by our in-house master craftsmen. The sweet candy colours are enameled by hand, find your style.

Baby Rattle - A Baby Favourite

Beautiful and beloved, aestetic and antibacterial. This baby rattle is a wonderful alternative to modern gimmicks; bound to be adored by your baby. The pure silver rattle makes a gentle noise that's endlessly entertaining for your little one.

Did you know that silver has antibacterial properties? This means that bacteria do not attach to the surface of the silver. A healthy feature for the baby.

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