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Silver care

If you use your silver cutlery often, it needs less maintenance and gets a nice patina. If you still feel that it needs an overhaul, there are several ways you can polish your silver cutlery:

Silver Bath: cleans and takes care of silver and silver-plated cutlery. It allows to maintain and to restore the luster of the oxidized silverware without damaging it.

Silver foam: Cleans and takes care of silver, silver-plated, pewter and steel objects. It allows to maintain, to restore and to polish oxidized metals without scratching the surface.

If you want the cutlery to shine, almost like new, we will gladly take care of the refurbishment for you, send us an email to

Silver and silver-plated cleaning cloth or glove. The cleaning is easy, gives instant results and does not cause any micro-scratches or marks on the metal. Silver and silver-plated objects are cleaned and shiny again.

Remember to clean youre candleholder in warm water, nor hot, before polishing to clean off vax or other stems.

To avoid damaging your cutlery, we recommend that you do not follow the advice from "old sayings"  but buy care products from professional brands. You´ll have good advice and the opportunity to purchase polishes from Hagerty on our website or at the jeweller's.


Frequent use of your silver cutlery results in less maintenance and a more personal touch to the product. If you still want to store it for a period, we recommend using our storage bags for silver cutlery.

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We repair what is possible to repair. In order to assess whether an item can be repaired, we must physically receive the item. If you are very doubtful, you can send us an email with a picture of the candlestick to


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