Quality & Sustainability

Our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability is fundamental to our production. Every single product reflects our values. Each piece are made with longevity in mind, from design through prototyping, development and final production. Excellent craftsmanship gives us products that lasts. Using recycled metals makes us almost self-sufficient in material. All our left overs goes exclusively off to be recycled, including dust particles with silver.

We are proud to continue to have our production in our worthy premises in Tønsberg. Our products are made to last. Enduring items loved by generation.

Recycled metal

We exclusively work with high quality precious metals. We do recycle all our cut off and use the recycled material back in the production of new products. By recycling and reusing metal, we reduce our environmental impact. Less waste and less use of new resources. Since gold and silver are renewable resources, they can be recycled over and over again without losing their value or purity.

Silver (Ag)

Silver is pure, chemical element (Ag) and 100% recyclable. One of our driving forces is to continue to make precious metal products. We recycle cutting off and can turn old objects into new pieces of art. As a consumer, you can submit your products to us for refurbishment or repair.

That silver is antibacterial means that bacteria do not adhere to the silver surface, this makes silver a perfect material for cutlery and objects for young children.

Products made to last. Loved by generations.


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