Terms and conditions

Dated 15 of November 2022

The terms and conditions of purchase set out below regulate all purchases mediated through our online store at th.marthinsen.no. These terms and conditions as well as any other purchase agreements made online are subject to Norwegian law.

When you place an order, you also accept the terms and conditions set out in the online store. Although we seek at all times to provide customers with the most accurate product details possible, errors and omissions may occur. This may mean that we cannot deliver a product that complies with the website specification.

Please study the terms and conditions carefully. We hope you have a wonderful experience shopping on our website!

Product information and prices

Information on the items is provided in the specification of each product.


All prices are quoted in Norwegian kroner inclusive VAT for Norwegian customers. For international orders the price is exclusive VAT. The total cost of the purchase will be displayed before you complete the purchase, and includes all additional charges, including taxes, fees and shipping costs for Norwegian customers. International customers must identify any import costs in their own country. The applicable purchase price is the price displayed on the webpage for the product in question on the date of the order.


Errors and omissions are excepted when it comes to prices and particulars of goods and services on our webpage. Please contact us if you have any questions. We wish you all the best with your shopping adventure!

Sales and delivery

Once the order has been placed in the shopping basket and approved it will be printed in our sales office.


Normally, items are shipped on the next workday after receipt of the order. If the items are not in stock you will receive an email confirming delivery times.


Norwegian customers will receive their items by Climate Neutral Service Pack, which may be collected from the local instore post office or your chosen jeweller’s shop. Postage costs will be charged for post office delivery, but no charge is made if you collect from a jeweller’s.

International customers will receive the package via UPS according to their freight schedule.



All orders must be paid in advance before clearance from our sales office.

Card details

Whenever you shop at A/S Th. Marthinsen Sølvvarefabrikk, your payments are processed by Teller, a secure electronic payment option for Visa and MasterCard/ Eurocard. All details are stored as prescribed in the card provider's code of conduct.



Betaling i nettbutikken vår gjøres via bankkort. 

Når du handler hos A/S Th. Marthinsen Sølvvarefabrikk blir betalingen behandlet av Teller som er en sikker elektronisk betalingsløsning for Visa og MasterCard/ Eurocard. All kortinformasjon blir oppbevart i henhold til kortselskapenes regelverk.


Ved levering med Klimanøytral service pakke eller TNT må betaling være gjennomført før ekspedering. Ved henting hos din Gullsmed, betales det direkte til butikken.

Returns and refunds

If for whatever reason you wish to cancel your order you should immediately send us an email before we ship the product. If cancellation comes after shipment, the rules for doing so are found in the Cancellation Act as described below.

Cancellation right

The Cancellation Act allows customers to cancel the purchase from the day of receipt and 14 days thereafter. If you wish to return the item, you should do so using the same packaging, and the item should be in the same condition as when you received it. You must enclose the duly completed cancellation form (form is enclosed with the shipment, or sent to your email). Your payment will then be refunded within 14 days. Customers must pay the return postage. See further details on the cancellation form. If you never received a cancellation form on paper or electronically, the return date is extended to 3 months. The form you receive will normally have our company details and return address pre-printed. Cancellation applies to private customers only, it does not apply to corporate buyers.


If the item is in some way defective when delivered in the eco-friendly Service Pack, you must notify Th. Marthinsen by email within a reasonable time to claim the defect. We will then instruct you on how to proceed. The rules for return are found in the Consumer Purchases Act. For customers who collect their items from a jeweller’s, returns must be made to the shop in question.

In addition to the above protections, customers are also protected by the general rules in the Consumer Purchases Act regarding defects.

Personal data and cookies

Personal data

A/S Th. Marthinsen Sølvvarefabrikk protects and processes personal data as prescribed in the Personal Data Act. Data that can be linked to individual customers will never be shared with other businesses or linked to other external registers.


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