A gourmet's favourite

It´s all about the taste experience

Are you interested in good tastes, well silver cutlery is definitely for you. Silver has no intrusive aftertaste, this advantage makes silver cutlery the best eating utensils for your taste experience. Which means you get the full experience of the tastes. Silver is also inherently hygienic. Silver is antibacterial, which means that the bacteria do not stick to the silver surface. This unique attributes underscores the value of silver as tableware.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we all share a growing affection for culture, design and history. No doubt, it is this realisation that makes ever more of us seek for lasting value and high quality.

When we speak of superb silver cutery we are not only reflecting on the benefits of dining with silver, but also on the artistic, cultural and traditional values that come with it. Fine cutlery should be more than just something to eat with, just as a meal should be something more than just food. The sense of occasion and atmosphere are both important highlights of our everyday lives.  

Our masterpieces

Our masterpieces

Real symbols of Norwegian handicraft and an expression of eternal love for the goldsmith's craft.

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