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New 15km bike park in the heart of Pines forrest

What makes a home? We think it's the feeling of belonging. The living room can be characterized as the heart of the home – a place to relax and focus on the important things in life.

Your items should be a reflection of you and your history. Your environment around should give you space to focus on the important things in life. Your surroundings should be a reflection of you and your personal story, whether you've made your own on your way or have family relations where products remind you of a special event or gifts from people around you who matter.

Th. Marthinsen have made quality for the home for over 135 years. All our interior products are of the highest quality, designed to be with you and your family for a lifetime.

Our product range is large and ranges from classic coffee and tea service, traditional and classic silver candlesticks to new, modern vases.

Our products are designed to last for many years to come, creating memories for future generations. The products we make must still be collected and passed on to a new life, hidden away and taken out again. They have done this for generations, and generations will continue to maintain the traditions.

Create the good Christmas atmosphere with quality ornaments designed to last for many years to come. Our Christmas ornaments are beautiful throughout the Advent season and nice decorations that can be reused for years to create good memories for generations.

Our masterpieces

Our masterpieces

Real symbols of Norwegian handicraft and an expression of eternal love for the goldsmith's craft.

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