Frequent use of silverware results in less need for care. Traces of loving use impart character and personality to the items. Your affection for old favourites grows, and their personal value increases. Silverware is perfectly at home in the dishwasher. Rinse off food residues first, to avoid staining. Try not to let silverware and steel utensils touch – use a separate basket if possible. Try out different detergents as water is hard in some districts, causing scale. You will soon find out what products work best for you. We also recommend a rinse agent to retain shine.

If your silverware turns the colour of straw after a session in the dishwasher, then your waterworks has been flushing the pipes where you live. The excess chlorine in the water turns silver yellow. The remedy is to polish lightly with a polishing rag. To assist with your care regime we have developed a special soft rag and mitten, containing an anti-stain agent that is ideal for lightly tarnished items. For heavier tarnishing, special agents are called for. Simply follow the directions for use for the best results. Click here for our silver-polishing compounds.

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