“The lid bowl” as it was called, is a true quality product. The excessive acanthus décor is beautifully distributed around the terrine. The four balls of the lid show that the lid can be used as a bowl in itself. The original stems from the 17th century and is inspired by the architecture of the renaissance and antique. Acanthus is leaf ornament. The shape is developed from the growth Acanthus Mollis which has thick, serrated foliage. The handles are casted and shaped as bird heads. Such bird heads can be found on both Norwegian and Danish lid bowls. This tells us that the goldsmiths, also in previous years, used readymade and casted parts.

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Item number: 008835 Height: 16,00 cm Diam: 35,00 cm
NOK 500,000.00/ Pcs.  

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