Close your eyes and picture Africa, we are going on a safari! The Safari cutlery is designed by the 5th generation Th. Marthinsen, Anette Marthinsen, and got awarded for its design in 2004. Beside the antibacterial benefit, the cutlery is fun, fresh and innovative series that uses enamel in a distinctive way. The cutlery makes every meal a breeze!

L: 13,40 cm
Item number: 073509
L: 13,70 cm
Item number: 073508
L: 11,20 cm
Item number: 073527
L: 13,50 cm
Item number: 073608
L: 13,30 cm
Item number: 073609
L: 15,00 cm
Item number: 073710
L: 14,30 cm
Item number: 073725
Item number: 073790
Item number: 073791


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