Prince Harald

Scandinavian solemnity

This cutlery series is designed by jeweler Lars Meum in 1938. Lars Meum was hired at Th. Marthinsen, first as an apprentice (1910) and later as performing jeweler and designer. The cutlery series was designed in honour of the new prince, born in Oslo in 1937. It was the birth of the first prince in Norway in 567 years. The desgin is solemn and clean-cut with stripes that mark the transition on the handle. Lars Meum found inspiration in a Captain’s uniform for these stripes. This is an extensive design task with 80 different cutlery parts in one series. 

Lars Meum has also designed the cutlery patterns Valdres and Märtha.

Silver flatware is renowned for its anti-bacterial properties, making it the perfect material for hygienic dining.


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