A family favourite

The designer and jeweller Frithjof Marthinsen designed the Oseberg cutlery series in 1956. He earned his qualifications at the State Arts and Crafts’ School in Oslo. Frithjof, a third generation Th. Marthinsen, was known as a talented designer and a professional practitioner, and his good visual sense and artistic orientation contributed to turn Th. Marthinsen into a significant design business in its segment. The Oseberg cutlery has the characteristic Scandinavian look, and the Oseberg ship has clearly inspired the the long, elegant, yet soft lines, that describes the cutlery series so well. However, for Frithjof the user experience was just as important as the design. It was well known that he kept a shaft in his pocket, for six months or so, to ensure the cutlery was as good to hold and use, as it was visually pleasing. The cutlery series has later been awarded a prize for good design by the Norwegian Design Council. A family favourite. 

Silver flatware is renowned for its anti-bacterial properties, making it the perfect material for hygienic dining.

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