Shining radiance

Aura, which means radiance, is a circular, elegant candleholder. The inspiration for the shape of this candleholder is sourced from our majestic scandinavien landscape where the sun reveals magic moments, both inside and outside, through its power just like in a radiant halo. The rejoined shape makes for a good aestethic experience. The candleholder fits all seasons, and makes every occassion special.

– The journey to create this candleholder has been very exciting; a candleholder with this simple shape, yet a candleholder that is so complicated to produce technically. Larger shapes in shiny materials reveal everything. "Good  enough" will not do. Thus, our skilled craftsmen and our long experience in the discpline are essential for the quality of the outcome.







Proportions are important in an object that in its bareness reflect its surrounding. In particular when the material is shiny. To be experienced is important. It is all about attention to details and the ability to execute.




I humbly register and work with the more classical objects created before me. The object I have designed pays homage these classical objects, and the history and heritage they represent within this handcraft discipline. At the same time I hope this object stands out in contrast to these classical objects. Through this new and clean-cut design, one is possibly able to see the classical objects from a new perspective.      

The candleholder was nominated for its good aestethic by the Norwegian magazine BoBedre in 2019.

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