Introducing Black Edition

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This spring 2019, we are introducing the collection Black Edition. For the past year we have sought to find the best solution for making the black colour stick to the material. We have also sought to find the perfect fit between the matte colour products and the polished products.


«We were aiming to achieve a timeless and delicate  Nordic expression. To encapsulate the light and delicate often associated with the Nordic expression, we introduced the black surface. We believe the black products emphasize this expression.»

Anette Marthinsen, designer.


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Our polished silver products evoke feelings of familiarity, tradition and high quality craftmanship. With this new line of products we wanted to make a line of high quality products that represent a new era that reach both our regular customers who value our craftmanship , as well as the new group of conscious customers. Black is a natural colour, yet powerful and elegant.

The collection consists of vases and tealight holders in galvanized brass. The Black Edition is an interaction between form and material. The two different surfaces pose a distinct quality, each in its own way; the matte surface adds stability and accuracy, while the polished surface reflects the surroundings and allows the products to be defined by the location where it is placed.

The vase is perfect for the most delicate field flowers, simple bouquets and nature’s beautiful branches and straw.

Make nature proud!




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