A family handicraft heritage


The story begins when our great-great-grandfather and goldsmith, Mr Thorvald Marthinsen, established his own workshop and jewellers in Tønsberg in 1883. The business quickly became noted as a local quality supplier and earned a good reputation all around the country and later worldwide. Thorvald shaped and formed a livelihood that has stood the test of time for generations.

The backyard workshop was big enough to serve both their own shop and others. Using own horses and carriage to reach other shops in other cities.



The first factory building was built in 1907, on Waalmann's loop in Tønsberg overlooking the city's pride, Slottsfjellet. It became the milestone, from pure craftsmanship to more machine-focused business. The balance between the importance of the craftmanship and buisness was challenging, and still are. 


National & emotinal events


Th. Marthinsen was there for Norway's great and small events. In Oslo in 1952 and again in Lillehammer in 1994, we supplied the Olympic medals so cherished by the athletes. We were there for the dissolution of the Union, two world-wars, the Moon Landing, the Oil Boom, and the Millennium. When the Royal Cup is raised, it is our craftsmanship that glistens. 

But our main inspiration are the small, emotional milestones; the special occasions celebrated in every home and every family. An engraved silver spoon embodies the love and anticipation of a naming ceremony that you were too young to remember.


It´s inspiring to hold onto those small, emotional occasions, and generate new memories for future generations. In our family we have always been fascinated by the unique properties of silver, and no doubt the allure will be lasting. Silver's antibacterial properties engender a special quality and a very special shine that no other material can match. That said, it doesn't mean we don't try out new materials.

In step with our own visions and in combination with modern design tools and innovative materials, we will continue to build on our long and proud design tradition. The pieces we create will continue to be collected and inherited, stored away and delightfully retrieved. That has been the story of our products for generations, and it is the story we will pass on to generations to come.


Tradition & heritage. Design & craftmanship. Th. Marthinsen.

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