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Uncluttered, Scandinavian design lines and keen sense of form have become the hallmarks of Th. Marthinsen silverware. Our classical models were inspired by their age and many bear historical elements reflecting the national heritage. The products have been perpetuated as an inheritance that we proudly bear and curate with immense joy today.


Our craftsmen and women excel in all aspects of the goldsmiths' long tradition. This expertise forms the very foundation of our design development and production processes. It is of vital importance to us that we nurture and protect our classical and historical product range. At the same time, we combine this ancient knowledge with modern technology, design and craftsmanship to create innovative new products made to last.


Design is, and has been our trademark for years. Ever since the beginning in 1883 design has been our main focus when it comes to developing new products. This has given us unique products, made to last. Loved by generations all over the world.


Frithjof, a third generation Th. Marthinsen, was known as a talented designer. His good visual sense and artistic orientation contributed to turn Th. Marthinsen into a significant design business in its segment. He earned his qualifications at the State Arts and Crafts’ School in Oslo. Fritjof has among other things designed the cutlery series Oseberg which has been awarded by the Norwegian Design Council.




The Safari Cutlery is designed by the 5th generation Marthinsen; Anette Marthinsen and awarded by the Norwegian Design Council. Anette made her qualifications at The Oslo School of Architecture and design.

«Safari is a fun, fresh and innovative series that has used enamel in a distinctive way.»The cutlery makes every meal come into a joy!



Aura, which means radiance, is a circular elegant candleholder inspired by the simplicity of a aureola. The candlestick creates a tranquility with its sculptural, closed form. The closed form gives a good aesthetic experience. The candlestick fits all seasons and every occasion. Aura is designed by 5th generation Th. Marthinsen; Anette Marthinsen, the candlholder was launched in November 2018.

The candleholder was nominated by Bo Bedre, a norwegian interior magazine, to become «the beautiful everyday product of the year»



Our masterpieces embody the very best traditions of design and craftsmanship. Our craftsmen and women are intimately knowledgeable about all aspects of the goldsmith's profession. This knowledge still reflects in all of our developments. 



“The lid bowl” as it was called, is a true quality product. The excessive acanthus décor is beautifully distributed around the terrine. The four balls of the lid show that the lid can be used as a bowl in itself. The original stems from the 17th century and is inspired by the architecture of the renaissance and antique. Acanthus is leaf ornament. The shape is developed from the growth Acanthus Mollis which has thick, serrated foliage. The handles are casted and shaped as bird heads. Such bird heads can be found on both Norwegian and Danish lid bowls. This tells us that the goldsmiths, also in previous years, used readymade and casted parts. 




The tankard is a modern reproduction of the Danish/ Norwegian tankards from the 16th century. The tankard represents in many ways the reincarnation of the excessive festivity of the baroque. The original was intended for the rich and was used for beer drinking in order to bring attention to this. The tankard is handmade with excessive decoration of leaves and flowers.




His Royal Highness the King's Royal Cup is the most highly acclaimed trophy to be presented at Norwegian national championships in many sports and has been manufactured by Th. Marthinsen since King Olav V acceded to the throne in 1957. The most famous presentations are possibly the national football championships each autumn. Royal Cups are also awarded outside the traditional sports, such as for chess achievements and folk music.




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